Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Certified Systems Business Coach?

A Certified Systems Business Coach® (SBC)  is a professional Coach who has completed both the SBC Small Business Coach Foundations Course and the SBC 3-day Certification Program.  

What is included in the SBC Certification Program?
  • Basic Training (20 hours over 3 days).
  • 6 one hour meetings with a Lead Certified Systems Business Coach over 12 months.
  • A system for converting prospects to buyers (Small Business Assessment + Client Proposal).
  • A 250 page coach training workbook with 1500+ coaching questions. 
  • One year membership to online community. 
  • Your bio and picture on the SBC website linked to your unique sign up page.
  • Online contract your clients can use to engage with you.
  • Set up of the above.
  • Systems for generating leads.
  • 10 board game business cards (with link to order more).
  • Use of branding library (Restrictions apply).
  • Use of business development tools to use in your SBC coaching practice.
  • Certified Systems Business Coach® logo to use on your own site and branding.


What is the SBC Foundations Course?

The SBC Foundations Course is designed to give coaches who are interested in working with entrepreneurs, an opportunity to explore the small  business coaching  market.   Includes 7 highly interactive  90-minute classes,  with content that is immediately useful, effective and stays true to a coach approach. 

Who can apply to join?

Coaches with basic coach training can participate in the SBC Foundations Course.  You can apply to join the Certified Systems Coach® Program after completing the SBC Foundations Course.  

What are the costs?

The Foundations course in Canadian dollars is $795.00.  100% of your tuition is applied towards the SBC Certification Program.  The Small Business Coach Certification Course is $3995.00 and includes a license agreement to use SBC tools, templates, processes and branding.  An annual renewal fee of $997 plus monthly client fees of $97.00 per client per month gets coach and client access to the SBC Business Managment Portal. 

What are the terms of the license agreement?

Full terms and conditions are outlined in the coach agreement.  A copy will be posted here shortly.

What are the advantages of joining the Systems Business Coach Team?

SBC is recruiting 400 of the worlds best coaches to work together to make life better for the small business owners in our global community.  Being part of this tribe is the first advantage.  Our proven system for working with your small business owner clients ensures you not only get clients, you keep them. The average engagement of a SBC client is three or more years.

Coaching clients are wanting more from their coaches, Systems Business Coach® provides you with everything you need to stand confidently beside your client supporting them in building an Organized & Profitable business.

How much does a Systems Business Coach make?

You choose how much and when you want to work.  For example:  Working 4 days a week (I like to take Friday’s off!), with two client meetings per day you will earn $115,000.00 per year.  Bump that up to 12 clients a week and only working 10 months a year, you will earn $144,000.00.  Add in group coaching for another $60,000 – $72,000 per group per year.  All while giving your clients and AFFORDABLE and HIGH VALUE fee. 

Will SBC help me get clients?

Our proven method of business development, both lead generation and lead conversion will help you get clients.  So yes, we help you get clients by teaching you what we already know has been proven to work in this market.   

SBC Certified Coaches are featured on the SBC client website and have access to are supported by marketing department with resources. 

How will SBC support me as a licensed coach?

Your success is our success.  As we grow, coaches will have the opportunity to become “lead” coaches, ensuring that communication between all members of the team stays a priority.   SBC coaches will receive ongoing peer to peer coaching and training. 

What is included in the onsite training?

20 hours over three days of interactive instruction.  Breakfast and lunch daily.  A coach training manual with over 100 new tools, templates and processes to play with.  Your first  years license fee and six hours over 12 months of 1:1 coaching. 

Why the focus on small Business Owners?

Small business owners, when they do well, are the most generous people on the planet. Sadly, they are also the least supported.  Only 4% of businesses will make it to their 10th birthday.  Coaching has proven to dramatically improve those statistics.  Behind every small business failure are families and lives in ruin.  Coaching Small Business owners is the one place where  you can use your coaching skills to have a dramatic impact on your client AND all the people around them. How cool is that?

Join us and forever change the way you experience coaching.

How to Coach Cheat Sheet

Use this to review or discover coaching techniques for small business owners.