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Small Business Coach Training Foundations Course

Understand how to coach small business owners— in just 8 weeks.

With experience coaching over 350 small business owners, we created a proven and unique course so you too can succeed as a coach in the booming and fulfilling small business market.

You bring your experience as a coach and we’ll provide the rest.


Minimum 20 hrs of basic coach training

Start date:

August 31st 2022


8 weeks

Course Type:

Online, group sessions

Live Session:

Meetings led by SBC founder, Beverlee Rasmussen PCC


 Receive 23.3 ICF CCE when you finish this course!

Are you...

...You are in the right place!

"I now have the courage and I don't feel as vulnerable to coach a small business owner."
- Joseph Veneziano, Director, DAU Major Defense Acquisition Programs & Executive Coaching Champion

Make an impact where it matters most.

Small Business owners provide 70% of  all the jobs in the world.

They have the largest impact on communities and economy than any other type of business.

With the right skillset, you can powerfully impact Small Business owners and see positive changes in your community.

Small business makes up 90% of all business globally.

Which means there are HUGE opportunities for you to establish and grow your coaching practice.

With this course you will:

"Beverlee is a powerful instructor with tremendous insights into coaching small business owners. I greatly appreciated her approach to the coaching process as it was ultimately focused on what would bring the greatest benefit to the client. This was one of the best coaching courses I have ever taken!"

Access Exclusive Resources

To grow your clients business and your own coaching practice.


Steps in the target market process
Having Financial Conversations

With the right resources...

You can help more people and grow your practice without overloading yourself. 

You are here to coach them through the work, not do it for them. 

That’s why our resources let your clients do the work, as it should be.

Having Financial Conversations

A system that just works!

"The Systems Business Coach® method of coaching works. Not only are we coaching business owners to work more ON their business rather than IN their business, we have the tools to set business owners up for success! As a Coach - that is our goal!"
- Annette Siewertsen, Certified Systems Business Coach®

By the end of this foundational training, you will:

Systems Business Coach Certified Badge

Want to advance to Systems Business Coach® Certification?
This course is a must-have, in order to continue!

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$997 CDN

€797 EUR

$897 USD

£697 GB

BONUS: Full tuition of the Foundations course can be applied to the Systems Business Coach® Certification

Help Small Business Owners Build Their Dream Business, While You Build Yours.

We made this course for you!

We made this course for you!

Flexibility through our online course

We designed this course so you can align your training with your schedule as needed.

This course is available online 24/7.

Integrity built into our live sessions

We offer two live sessions in this course:

Your Personal Coaching Journey

Small Business Coaching Ethics

Each session is available bi-monthly. No matter when you sign up, you’ll have a chance to attend both sessions during an 8-week period.

We created these live session so we can support you and provide high-quality training.

Each session is available bi-monthly. No matter when you sign up, you’ll have a chance to attend both sessions during an 8-week period.

We created these live session so we can support you and provide high-quality training.

It’s a risk-free investment to boost your coaching profile.

Create a profitable business

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Massive action means massive results. Small Business Coach Foundations™ requires dedicated time and your full commitment. If you attend every class and complete all fieldwork but are not convinced this is right for you, we will refund 100% of your tuition.

Take the Business Coaching Foundations Course.

I was so impressed with the quality and breadth of content covered in the foundations course.

Prior to attending the course, I wasn't sure if business coaching was for me.

Now I'm convinced it is! I can see how it perfectly aligns with my background and my desire to serve others as a coach.

-Jacinta, Certified Systems Business Coach®

Course Outline

Course Outline

It’s about HOPE.

The future of your clients

It’s about HOPE.

Hope that your clients’ dreams can come true.

Hope that they will find a way out of the mess and into a brighter future.

Hope that you’re the one to make it all happen.

Grow your practice today.

How to Coach Cheat Sheet

Use this to review or discover coaching techniques for small business owners.