Small Business Coach Training Foundations and Certification

Looking to build a Small Business Coaching Practice?

Consider Becoming a Certified Systems Business Coach®

Use our powerful coaching system to build a 6-figure coach practice helping small business owners in your community.

Trusted by 300+ small business owners.

Prerequisite: Our Foundations Course and minimum 20 hours of formal coaching training. 

Prerequisite: Our Foundations Course and minimum 20 hours of formal coaching training. 

How to become a Certified Systems Business Coach®:

1.Take our Certification training program, led by SBC Founder Beverlee Rasmussen.

2. Join our team of Certified Systems Business Coaches® working together to improve the lives of small business owners.

3. Gain access and license to use ALL our coaching programs and tools with your clients.

4. Build your own profitable business coaching practice by using SBC systems to attract and keep well-paying small business clients.

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Certified Systems Business Coach® Tim Snell, recommends the Systems Business Coach® Certification Program to coaches looking for a proven framework and set of tools to help entreprenuers.

You would make an amazing Certified Systems Business Coach® because...

You have the skills, now you need the systems.

Systems questions stimulate client growth

Systems thinking is both curious and non-judgmental

Systems inquiry reduces personal shame and blame

Systems development moves clients towards their aspirations

Systems focus allows you to develop strategic, long-term, recurring clients and relationships. 

Systems provides a powerful coaching lens to help clients build a strong business.

We know this because our coaching systems have produced remarkable results for our small business clients.

150+ full time jobs
1,500+ happier employees
20+ million in annual revenue

The system for success is the same, and you will learn it here in this certification.

You don't have to figure out everything on your own. We’ve got you covered.

Access everything you need to run a successful coaching practice.

Being a Certified Systems Business Coach® means having a fulfilling practice earning between 96k and 250k.

Here's how we make this possible:

How to build a profitable business

Recurring Revenue.

We provide set client prices that ensure your clients can afford your services and stay with you long-term. With this certification, you will have everything you need to attract, convert and retain small business owners as your clients.
Bullseye Target

A Proven System.

We offer a practical approach to business development and a human approach to developing others. It’s the same combination we’ve used to deliver profitable coaching services for 15 years.
Graduation Certification

Tested and high quality resources

We’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into research and development of our systems, technology and outreach. You get access to all of it. Choose from 100+ resources, tools and templates to boost your coaching skills and easily help your clients.
Three Students

The support of an established, world-wide team.

Systems Business Coach® is recruiting the worlds best coaches to work together and make life better for themselves and their small business clients. Have support from this global community.
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Master Certified Coach Alison Hendren, Founder and CEO of Coaching Out of the Box recommends the Systems Business Coach® Certification Program to coaches wanting to work with small business owners.

More than just a course!

The Systems Business Coach®️ Certification is a complete business structure package.

Access our systems, technology and outreach. We’ve invested over 10,000 hours into these resources—so you won’t have to. Make it simple for yourself, and your clients.

Here’s a glimpse into a fraction of tools you’ll get: 

The world desperately needs more high integrity, smart, small business coaches— like you.

Help small business owners build their dream business, while you build yours.

With our systems, both you and your client can:

Small business owners have the resources!

Million dollars

This is what the Canadian government pledged in 2020 to help small business owners. The value our governments place on entrepreneurs means that both struggling and profitable small businesses can hire a coach.

You are making a difference in the world each time you have a coaching conversation with a small business owner.

You create secure, meaningful jobs, reduce stress, help restore confidence and strengthen communities.

You and your clients can be profitable and free!

You create secure, meaningful jobs, reduce stress, help restore confidence and strengthen communities.

You and your clients can be profitable and free!

A proven system for coaching entreprenuers.

Meet your instructor!

The award winning, systems expert and small business coach Beverlee Rasmussen.

Beverlee is the 2014 ICF Coach of the Year, a Certified Executive Coach and a Professional Certified Business Coach.

As founder of Systems Business Coach®️, Beverlee has helped over 300+ small business owners document strategic business objectives and processes, break free from day-to-day operations, achieve consistent profitability, and increase company value.

Beverlee created this program for you based on her 15+ years of business experience from interviewing over 3000 small business owners with Micheal Gerber E-Myth, to her own 6-figure executive and small business coaching practice.

Beverlee Rasmussen, Speaker

Beverlee cares. She cares about small business owners and she cares about coaches, together good things happen.

Ask Beverlee about becoming a Certified Systems Business Coach® at

Or call her 604-309-4242 to see if small business coaching is for you.

The online certification program details:

20 hours instruction + 80 hours self paced learning



Self-directed and Instructor led

SBC foundations course

Designed with a combination of lectures, stories and practice, you will gain knowledge and skills that you can immediately put to use in building a small business coaching practice. 

After this online certification program, you will:

After this program, you will be ready to join our elite group of coaches, as a Certified Systems Business Coach®

Small Business Coach Training Foundations and Certification

What it means to be a part of our world-wide team:

Access to our Organized and Profitable® online portal.

Through this you can give your clients:

Your clients stay longer.

Systems Business Coach® clients stay an average of 3 years, as compared to 6 months with other competitive coaching programs.

You could lead group coaching sessions

With just two groups a year, you can add over 100k to your income stream.This is what happens when you keep 75% of all revenue generated from our group programs.

Instead of building group programs yourself, we've built it for you.

You get access to client-tested, small business group coaching products—complete with all technology, registration systems, slide decks, facilitator notes and marketing materials.

Learn more about the programs we currently offer, which you could lead!

We want to see you succeed!

We don’t just train you then leave you stranded.

Instead our system is to stand beside you and help you build your own strong business. We celebrate continuous improvement. That’s why we have a small annual renewal fee of $497. 

With this, you get access to professional development resources, including updated and new products, tools, and temples. Plus we include you in our business connections and contracts—networking made easy.

And that’s not all.

We’ve included these value-packed resources in your renewal fee:

Resources to Perfect Your Practice!

  • 1-on-1 coaching sessions from a lead Certified Systems Business Coach®️ $1800

    6 session over 12 months. As you help small business owners grow their business, we help you grow yours.​

  • A one-year subscription to our online community. $1200

    Ask questions and get support from other certified coaches

  • Access to our business management software. $3200

    Organize contacts, easily communicate with clients— simplify your business operations.

  • A simple and powerful marketing system. $5000

    Turn prospects into clients.

  • A featured section on our website. $1200

    Including a unique sign-up page.

  • Custom designed 8 x 8 Systems Business Coach business cards. $249

    Create an amazing network.

  • A 300+ page coaching training workbook. $297

    Easily share best business practices with your clients.

  • Total Value $12,946
  • Your renewal fee $12,946

We Value Your Investment.

Your coaching certification training program: $4995

The annual personal development and program update fee: $497 a year.

Create a fulfilling, 6-figure coaching practice with the Certified Systems Business Coach® system.

It’s an investment that keeps on giving, to you, to your clients, and to your community.

How to Coach Cheat Sheet

Use this to review or discover coaching techniques for small business owners.