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Looking to add Small Business Coaching to your Practice?

Join our Team as a Certified Systems Business Coach®

Dear Coach,

Imagine a world where all small business owners have the skills, tools, and confidence to contribute to a healthy world economy, creating secure meaningful employment while maintaining personal prosperity and freedom.

That’s the world you, a Certified Systems Business Coach®, will create for your clients.

Because they desperately need it.

Most small business owners produce inconsistent results for customers.

They struggle more than any other leader you may have coached.

Instead of feeling proud of the company they’ve created, they feel trapped.

That’s about to change.

Through the Systems Business Coach® License Small Business Coach Training Intensive, you will build a full-time business coaching practice that helps small business owners gain the prosperity and personal freedom that motivated them to start their business in the first place.

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Master Certified Coach Alison Hendren, Founder and CEO of Coaching Out of the Box recommends the Systems Business Coach® Certification Program to coaches wanting to work with small business owners.

Yes, I’m Ready to Become One of the World’s Best Business Coaches!

Everything You Need to Help Your Clients Build an Organized & Profitable Business

Why Become a Certified Systems Business Coach®

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First class established company that has been delivering coaching services for 15 years. Stellar reputation for its services. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of investment in program, systems, technology, outreach
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SBC Program works. Time tested. Responsive. Comprehensive. Tools. Easy to explain. Meaningful.
Graduation Certification
You are making a difference in the world each time you have a coaching conversation with a small business owner. Creating secure meaningful jobs, reducing stress, helping restore confidence, strengthening communities.
How to build a profitable business
You get a developed inventory of ways to support a Client. Once a Client is engaged, there is a clear pathway for coach and client, to have a coaching relationship that delivers over a long term – years

You, a Certified Systems Business Coach®:

  • Building a successful small business coach practice
  • Helping small business owners get organized, profitable, and free—even in a down economy
  • Furthering the mission of making life better for small business leaders in every corner of the globe
  • Helping small business owners achieve their goals on autopilot
  • Standing out from the business coach crowd with Systems Business Coach® marketing systems
  • Helping small business owners learn every key business system, from structure and staffing through sales and service
  • Approaching small business owners with empathy and understanding
  • Helping small business owners build a profitable company worth selling or passing on to the next generation
  • Pricing your business coaching fairly and profitably

Wait a Sec! Have You Completed These Prerequisites?

  • You have completed the Systems Business Coach® Foundations Course.
  • You are an experienced coach with at least 60 hours of formal coach training.
  • You understand basic business concepts and are open to learning more.
  • You have owned your own small business (your coach practice counts), or have a business related diploma or have worked in a leadership position in a small business.
  • You want to add business coaching to your practice and are willing to put in the work to get there.
  • You have high integrity and a strong passion for helping business owners in your community succeed.

Meet Your Instructor, Systems Business Coach® Founder
Beverlee Rasmussen

Beverlee Rasmussen CEC PCC is an award-winning Certified Executive Coach and a Professional Certified Business Coach.

As founder of Systems Business Coach® (SBC), 2014 ICF Coach of the Year Beverlee Rasmussen has helped over 300 small business owners document strategic business objectives and processes, break free from day to day operations, achieve consistent profitability, hire and train productive employees, attract and retain customers, and increase company value.

Beverlee's Avatar

Beverlee  is THE leader in small business coaching delivery.  

This empirically based training developed over 15+ years by Beverlee – based on her own experience in business, as executive and business coach,  as part of the Michael Gerber -E-Myth team, talking to over 3000 small business owners, awards and engagements, working with 300+ clients, many over 3 yr relationships.

She cares, she cares about small business owners and she cares about coaches, together good things happen.

Ask Beverlee about becoming a Certified Systems Business Coach® at beverlee@systemsbusinesscoach.com

Or call her 604-309-4242 to see if small business coaching is for you.

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My coach gave me all the tools I needed to become more organized. It gave me the confidence to hire staff and grow our business. More sales and efficiency = profits. A win win.

Jessica Able Salt West
Create a profitable business

What is the ROI?

Become a full time Business Coach.
The Small Business Coach® Certification Program is designed to develop full time professional business coaches earning between 96k and 250k. Client prices are set to ensure they can afford your services and stay with you long term.
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When Does the Next Group Start?

The next start date for Small Business Coach® Certification is June 2020 Online. Additional classes will be added in Canada, the USA and UK after Covid Crisis. Graduates of the Small Business Coach Foundations Course can apply to join.
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Is this Program Right for Me?

The proven small business coaching tools and techniques you’ll learn have created 150+ new full-time jobs, are responsible for 1,500+ happier employees, and have led to $20+ million new annual revenue.
If you want more help for your small business owner clients then yes!
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A System That Just Works

The Systems Business Coach® team has invested over 10,000 hours to develop this world class business coach training program. Our combination of a practical approach to business development and a human approach to developing others makes this work. Every great consultant we studied is a great coach first.


$3997.00 CDN

€2697 EUR

$2997.00 USD

£2397 GBP

Ask about our payment plans. We are in this together!

 More than just a course, the Systems Business Coach® certification program is a complete business structure package. Designed for you to build a profitable business coaching practice. Licensed coaches pay a small per client and annual renewal fee. Includes access to our business management software to support you in attracting and retaining long term business clients. 

Includes training, breakfast, lunch, one year SBC membership license. Plus use of all business tools, templates, and processes.