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Building YOUR Business

Dear Small Business Owner,

Do you wish you could break free from day to day operations?
Earn consistent profit so you can pay yourself what you deserve?
Systematize your business so you can sell this thing one day?
With a little help, you can own the business you’ve dreamed of.
Systematize your business so you can sell this thing one day?
With a little help, you can own the business you’ve dreamed of.
Organized & Profitable™ – Business School for Busy Entrepreneurs is a 10-month small business development program built to help you achieve the freedom that motivated you to start your business in the first place.
Organized & Profitable™ – Business School for Busy Entrepreneurs is a 10-month small business development program built to help you achieve the freedom that motivated you to start your business in the first place.

What do you really want out of your business?

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Have you ever:

  • Been frustrated with your staff?
  • Wanted to take a vacation without your business falling apart while you’re gone?
  • Not had enough money in the bank to pay your bills?
  • Thought that running a business shouldn’t be this hard?

If you have, you are not alone. Most small business owners have had similar experiences.

What if you could structure your business in a way that brings you prosperity, and allows you the freedom to create the life you want?

Yes, I’m Ready to Be Organized & Profitable!

A System for Everything: Finance, Marketing, Sales, Hiring, and More!

Take Control of Your Business and Create Financial Freedom on Your Schedule

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Because you need laser focus and dedicated time to docment your strategic objectives and systems.
Creating your operations manual
Because you want a coach and confidante by your side to hold you accountable to achieving your goals.
Work strategically on your business
Because you can systematize your business into prosperity at your own pace. Meet with your coach 2, 3, or 4 times a month.
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Because you want to work ON your business, not IN your business but can’t find the time. Let’s change that.

You, 10 Months from Now:

  • Feeling inspired to do your best every day
  • Taking advantage of opportunities to grow your business
  • Achieving meaningful goals like clockwork
  • Having the confidence to make tough decisions
  • Aligning your business practices with your values
  • Never "managing" people again
  • Building systems that free up your schedule (and your head space)
  • Operating your business efficiently while generating more profit
  • Paying yourself like you deserve
  • Taking care of yourself today and every day
  • Spending quality time with your family
  • Enjoying better health, less stress, and a company you are proud to call your own

Didn’t Think You Could Afford a Private Business Coach? Organized & Profitable™ Is a Group Program!

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Group Business Coaching

Learn with Like-Minded Small Business Owners Who Inspire You to Action

Skyrocket on your performance

Go on the Offensive.

Create Systems and Processes.

Break Free.

So you've heard you need systems.
You want to transform your business to run more independent of you.
Because you're tired of being the sole keeper of company that does everything yourself.
You want to develop a reliable team to support you in achieving your vision.
And you want to grow your customer base and (of course) your profit.
You're in the right place. Step by strategic step, we have mapped out the route to become organized and profitable in 10 months.
A little bit of peer pressure, a whole lot of coaching, and a proven modern small business training model that includes all the tools, templates, scripts, and strategies to fully work ON your business so you can enjoy prosperity and freedom.
Roadmap to getting organized and profitable
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I love to hear about how other small businesses are implementing specific systems to improve the efficiency in their business.

What Organized & Profitable™ Includes

  • A business coach and full access to our proven templates, tools, strategies, and systems will immediately change how you lead your organization
  • 10-month program + ongoing coaching support at your pace
  • 4X 90-minute group coaching Zoom, with your Systems Business Coach®
  • Weekly meetings keep you accountable to stay on track toward your business goals
  • Just the right amount of time to work ON your business each month
  • 5 hours of actionable activities per week to work toward your business goals
  • Intense focus ON your business with the support you need to achieve your personal AND financial goals
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Did You Know?

Canada and British Columbia Governments Support Small Business Skills Training with Training Grants.


Is your small business in BC? Apply for a B.C. Employer Training Grant that covers up to two thirds of the cost of Business Management Training courses like Organized & Profitable™. Other Canadian Provinces have similar grants that may help cover training costs.
Create a profitable business

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Massive action means massive results. Organized & Profitable™ requires dedicated time and your full commitment. If you attend every meeting and complete all fieldwork but are not convinced this is right for you, we will refund 100% of your tuition.
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When Does the Next Group Start?

The next start date for Organized & Profitable™ is March 2020. Even if you are just curious, reach out and ask to talk to one of our coaches. We are here to help you build the business you’ve always wished you could own.
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Is this Program Right for My Industry?

Organized & Profitable™ has created 150+ new full-time jobs, is responsible for 1,500+ happier employees, and has led to $20+ million new annual revenue.
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Organized & Profitable™ Just Works

Since the beginning, Organized & Profitable™ has achieved a 98% completion rate. The coaching industry average is only 13%. This program works if you do!
Step one, hire the right business coach. Step two, work on leadership, profitability, culture, and systems. Step three, everything else falls into place. The Organized & Profitable™ business development road map to small business success is the most comprehensive and practical ever developed.

10 Easy, Cash Flow-Friendly Payments

$597.00 CDN / month

€397 EUR / month

$497.00 USD / month

£347 GBP / month

Rates are per month for one participant. Monthly payment via credit card or auto debit due in advance. Add a one-time registration fee of $197.00 CDN, which includes a confidential business assessment, 90-minute initial meeting with your coach, and the 200-page Systems Business Coach® workbook (shipping included). Life happens outside of anyone’s control, so we don’t force our students into long-term contracts. Cancel at any time with a week’s notice, and we’ll refund any unused meetings. We’ve built this program for you, and we work hard to earn your trust and confidence every step of the way.