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Small Business Coach Training Foundations Online Course

$795.00 CAD

Coach Entrepreneurs in 2021!   The world needs more Small Business Coaches.

Take this Small Business Coach Training Course and start helping small business owners in your community right away.  You already have the most important skill: coaching!

Gain the required knowledge you need to become an effective Small Business Coach.  Systems Business Coach® offers this real-world education and practical hands-on business tools to get you there.

With an engaging combination of lectures, projects, facilitation and discussion, this action packed course will change the way you think about and your ability to work with small business owners.

Included in the self-paced course are new small business coaching content and tools that you can immediately put into practice with your clients.

Take this first step in becoming a Certified Systems Business Coach®

Limited time BONUS OFFER –  100% of your tuition will be applied to those who move forward with certification.  This course is a  pre-requisite to taking the Systems Business Coach® certification program.

This course is for new and experienced coaches with ideally 20 hours of basic coach training.

Don’t yet have 20 hours of coach training? Contact us to see if you qualify to participate.

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In this course, coaches will gain foundational competencies in the craft of coaching Entrepreneurs.

Be confident working with clients who are building and running their own business. Help entrepreneurs move towards greater prosperity and personal freedom. 

Includes valuable insights into how to build an effective business coaching practice.

  1. Psychographics and Demographics of a Small Business Owner
  2. Contracting and Establishing client Goals
  3. A unique Coach Approach to Strategic Planning
  4. Small Business Money Problems (and what to do about them)
  5. Supporting a Healthy Small Business Culture
  6. Target Marketing for your clients and yourself
  7. Roadmap to a successful Small Business Coaching Practice

Included Tools

In our “learn by doing” model, participants will use the following;

  • Psychographics worksheet
  • Vision activity and discussion model
  • Goals and action accountability tool
  • Strategic Planning Document
  • Profit calculator
  • Time Management Activity
  • Personal Pitch Activity

Students will be asked to participate in weekly forum discussions.

Systems Business Coach Inc.® (SBC) provides small business owners with education, coaching, and training to help companies scale and grow. Our programs are developed using known adult learning principles and combines the best practices of coaching: where neuroscience and human behaviour are applied for optimal engagement and consulting: where pragmatic business principles are easily explained and applied.

How to Coach Cheat Sheet

Use this to review or discover coaching techniques for small business owners.