We have structured our business

By using the tools that you gave us we have structured our business and put more emphasis on working on the company rather than in it. We have broken down our company into a “franchise style model” and developed it from the ground up. Even if you think you know everything and your company is doing well. Let SBC show you how you could make it even better!

Kept me on track

Concentrating and launching my business was a lot to focus on, so having a business coach helped me look at the overall picture and vision. While focusing, scheduling and having accountability to manage milestones, systems and work flow. My beliefs, dreams and visions for the business was something that I always wanted, and sometimes when your so involved in it, you can loose your focus and the overall picture. The result of having this business coaching experience kept me on track and let me take breathers to step outside the picture, look in and see what I have created.

Improved our Company Culture

We liked the fact they were seriously interested in our journey and the positives and negative we experience and what they were willing to do to support us.

Someone cares

Knowing that someone cares about what is going on in my business and my life. We discuss ways of finding a solution that works and look at preventing bad situations from happening again by implementing systems. Over the past five years working with my Systems Business Coach..

I have grown my team
I feel more organized
I’m a more confident leader
I am making more money
I have a better understanding of how my business works

Hard Questions provides perspectives

I appreciate your ability to ask us some hard questions without judgement and offer a different perspective for looking at some of our business situations.

How to Coach Cheat Sheet

Use this to review or discover coaching techniques for small business owners.