How to Become a Great Small Business Coach: 5 Essential Steps

Becoming a great small business coach is a journey that requires dedication, continuous learning, and a genuine passion for supporting others. Whether you’re already on this path or considering it, these five steps will guide you towards becoming a coach who can make a real difference in the lives of small business owners. Let’s dive


Systems Thinking: The Key to Effective Small Business Coaching

If you’re an ICF-trained coach contemplating a transition into small business coaching, it’s important to embrace the concept of systems thinking. This isn’t just another technique; it’s a transformative mindset that can profoundly enrich your coaching practice. Let’s delve into how intertwining systems thinking with fundamental ICF core competencies can dramatically change the way you


Appreciative Inquiry: A Simple Tool to Solve Complex Business Problems

Imagine how smoothly things would run if people on your team had a tool to easily solve even your most complex personal and business problems? That tool exists and it’s call Appreciative Inquiry.

For most of us when faced with a big problem or frustration, the natural tendency is to hyper-focus on the problem. What went wrong? Who’s fault is it? Why are they so stupid?

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How to Coach Cheat Sheet

Use this to review or discover coaching techniques for small business owners.