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Your Path to Success as a Certified Systems Business Coach®

You won’t find this value for the investment anywhere else in the World Certification from Systems Business Coach ® comes with ongoing support and progressive small business coach training.

Unlock Potential: The Essential Small Business Coaching Foundations Course

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Learning Options to suit your schedule and goals:

The Essential Small Business Coaching Foundations Course

Everyone starts with our Small Business Coach Foundations Course

Our Foundations course is designed to help you deeply understand small business dynamics and learn to effectively coach small business owners towards success.

The program equips you with the skills to build trust, establish rapport, challenge business owners, and implement foundational strategies for small business success.

Imagine transforming your passion into a powerful force for change, offering much needed support to vulnerable small business owners. Our courses are grounded in both neuroscience and  sound business principles, tailored to meet the unique needs of  small business owners and their teams. 

Here’s what you’ll gain from our comprehensive course modules:

Module 1 – Psychographics & Demographics of a Small Business Owner

  • Understand the psychology and demographics that drive small business owners.
  • Enhance your ability to connect with and support clients effectively.

Module 2 – Contracting and Establishing Client Goals

  • Master the art of contracting to set clear coaching expectations.
  • Help clients define and achieve their business and personal goals.

Module 3 – A Coach Approach to Strategic Planning

  • Develop a unique coaching approach to strategic planning.
  • Guide clients in creating actionable, results-oriented business strategies.

Module 4 – Small Business Money Problems (and what to do about them)

  • Tackle financial challenges with confidence.
  • Help clients make informed decisions to secure their business’s financial health.

Module 5 – Coaching towards a Healthy Small Business Culture

  • Cultivate a healthy business culture for your clients.
  • Foster environments where success and well-being go hand in hand.

Module 6 – Strategic Target Market Exploration for Coaches and Clients

  • Explore strategies to identify ideal target markets.
  • Guide clients in reaching their target audience effectively.

Module 7 – Roadmap to a Successful Small Business Coaching Practice

  • Create a roadmap for your coaching practice’s success.
  • Learn the ins and outs of building and managing a thriving coaching practice.

Become a catalyst for change in the world of small business coaching and embark on a journey towards enriching lives and businesses. Join us and acquire the knowledge and skills to make a lasting impact on your clients’ entrepreneurial ventures

I love the idea of small business, and they are the heroes of the economy. And it’s so tough and it can be lonely. And sometimes it is a coaching conversation that needs to happen.  I feel like having systems and having the framework so I can not only be certified but but have that extra bit of confidence to sell myself and have that conversation.  – Chris Wilkinson

I’m a CPA, and I’ve always worked with Small Business owners.  I opted into this program because I am looking to transition my career to becoming a small business coach. I’ve always really enjoyed those interactions and that kind of relationship and I want to continue that on as I transition into my later career life and that’s why I’m here  – Kirsten Jenner

Sometimes when people are stuck, yes, it might be a limiting belief. Yes, it might be something that’s coachable, but actually it might also be something that’s really practical. And the resources that I’ve seen from a systems business coach I think are going to be incredible for that. – Mike

In keeping with our value of democratizing small business coaching, we have opened the doors with high value low cost training. 

Our 8 week Foundations Course starts at $597.00 USD, Instructor lead cohort tuition that includes 20.5 ICF CCE credits is just $797.00 USD.

We offer location based pricing and flexible payment plans as needed. Canadians pay in Canadian dollars as an example. 

100% of your tuition is then applied to Certification should you choose to continue learning with us.  

Start with Foundations now, select the learning option that works for you:

September 10, 17, 24, October 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

DETAILS: Tuesdays at 12pm Pacific for 90 minutes each on Zoom.

Help Small Business Owners Build Their Dream Business, while You Build Yours

A Certified Systems Business Coach ® helps entrepreneurs create an Organized & Profitable ® business – using the best practices of coaching: where neuroscience and human behaviour are applied for optimal engagement and results.

AND…you don’t need to be a business expert to do this!

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Empowering Excellence: Systems Business Coach® Certification Program

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Additional Course Details:

Systems Business Coach® Certification Program

Successful graduates of the Foundations course are invited to join our Certification Program.

Learn to coach and train any business owner, in any industry, with any size business. All while building the coaching practice of your dreams.

As a graduate from the SBC Certification Program, you get both world class business coach training and ongoing access to the latest tools, templates, strategies, systems and perspectives that actually help your clients be successful. If your clients need it, we have it, at your ready.

Why spend money on an expensive and outdated franchise business coach training program when everything you need is right here at a fraction of the cost? 

The failure rate for small business has not changed in 30 years. Old methods of teaching and telling don’t work. Learn what does and join us today. 

Systems Business Coach Inc.® (SBC) provides small business owners with education, coaching, and training to help companies scale and grow. Our programs are developed using known adult learning principles and combines the best practices of coaching: where neuroscience and human behaviour are applied for optimal engagement and consulting: where pragmatic business principles are easily explained and applied.  

Week 1: Lead the Way: Setting the Standard in Small Business Coaching Excellence

Week 2: Introducing the Effective Small Business Coaching Method

Week 3: Application of the Effective Business Coaching Method

Week 4: Coaching Your Way through a Business Plan

Week 5: Applying Systems Thinking in Small Business Coaching Conversations

Week 6: Asking the Right Questions: A Coaching Strategy for Small Business “People” Problems

Week 7: Building Winning Teams: A Coaching Blueprint for Small Business HR Success

Week 8: Financial Red Flags: Coaching Small Business Owners

Week 9: Live Coaching Lab: Real-Time Practice with Small Business Owners

Week 10: Strategic Pathways: A Coach’s Guide to Building a Thriving Practice

Week 11: The Art of Coaching Questions: Navigating Business Challenges with Clients

Week 12: Vision in Action: Business Plan Presentations and Graduation Celebration.

Major Assignments Overview

Assignment 1: Personal Coaching Business Plan Development

Assignment 2: Client Coaching Experience

Assignment 3: Comprehensive Learning Presentation

These assignments are integral to the “Empowering Excellence: Systems Business Coach® Certification Program,” designed to ensure that students not only learn theoretical concepts but also apply them practically, thereby preparing them to enter the coaching profession with confidence and competence.

This comprehensive program is designed to equip aspiring small business coaches with the skills, knowledge, and practical experience necessary for excellence in the field, aligned with the latest coaching methodologies and business strategies.

The training course for becoming a Certified Systems Business Coach has several key learning objectives, including:

  1. Understanding of Systems Theory: Coaches will understand the basic principles of systems theory and how to apply them to businesses. This includes how parts of a business interact, how changes in one area affect others, and how to approach problem-solving and decision-making in a systematic way.
  2. Knowledge of Business Fundamentals: Coaches will learn the basics of running a small business, such as leadership, operations, finance, team building, and marketing. This knowledge can help them understand their clients’ challenges and provide effective coaching.
  3. Development of Coaching Skills: The course will help coaches enhance their core coaching skills, including building trust, active listening, asking powerful questions, providing effective feedback, and facilitating learning and growth.
  4. Capability to Implement Systems Thinking in Coaching: Coaches will learn to apply systems thinking in coaching, helping clients see their business as an integrated whole, understanding the interdependencies, and identifying leverage points for change.
  5. Learning to Align Coaching with Business Goals: Coaches will learn to align their coaching interventions with the business goals of their clients, ensuring that coaching serves the broader objectives of the business.
  6. Mastery of Change Management: The course will prepare coaches to guide small business owners through change, helping them understand, plan for, and navigate the challenges that come with business growth and transformation.
  7. Cultivation of Curiosity and Appreciative Approach: Coaches will enhance their ability to remain curious, open, and appreciative in their coaching practice, fostering a positive and forward-looking mindset in their clients.
  8. Understanding of Ethical Guidelines: Coaches will be fully versed in the ethical guidelines that govern the coaching profession, such as confidentiality, respect for the client’s autonomy, and maintaining professional boundaries.
  9. Certification Preparation: Lastly, the course will prepare coaches for building and growing their own successful coaching practice in alignment with best practices of a Certified Systems Business Coach.

By the end of the course, participants will be equipped to provide effective, systems-focused coaching to small business owners, helping them improve their businesses’ performance and achieve their business goals.

Grounded in science, our Small Business Field Guide has been meticulously crafted with over 10,000 hours of development. Our founder’s dedication includes earning two graduate certificates and a Master’s Degree, resulting in this distinct business development system designed specifically for coaches. Its purpose is to effectively reduce the small business failure rate.

More than just a course, our Certification program is your gateway to becoming a highly skilled and successful small business coach. When you choose to earn this certification, you’re not just acquiring knowledge; you’re gaining the tools and expertise needed to build a thriving small business coaching practice from the ground up.

You get:

  • Best in class tools, templates, systems and practices you need to support your small business owner clients.
  • A proven coaching method that works for entrepreneurs.
  • Skills training to know exactly how to get and retain clients.
  • World class branding, marketing materials, proposals, and posts to help grow your coaching practice.
  • To be featured on the Systems Business Coach website.
  • To be part of a Global Community of Coaches that care as much as you do about small business owners. 
  • Ongoing training and support.

But the value doesn’t stop there. By enrolling in our Certification program, you unlock a world of possibilities. In addition to being fully prepared for one-on-one coaching engagements, you’ll also gain the capability to offer group coaching and training sessions. Our pre-tested and proven courses are at your fingertips, allowing you to expand your coaching services and impact a wider audience.

With this certification, you’re not just investing in your own growth and expertise; you’re investing in a versatile coaching career that empowers you to make a difference in the lives of small business owners and entrepreneurs. Join us on this transformative journey and seize the opportunity to take your coaching practice to new heights.

More than a training program, becoming a Certified Systems Business Coach means having licensed access to all the SBC tools, templates, courses, marketing material, everything you need to build a successful coaching practice. 

This access is granted on day one of your training. 

Tuition is currently set at $3995.00 USD. Location based currency is again offered as are payment plans. Please ask how we can make this work for you. 


Combines the Foundations and Certification Course in one learning package.

Current available Dates: 

September 10, 2024 –  January 28, 2025. (Virtual)

May 25- 26, 2024 – Two day in person intensive plus 8 weeks foundations. Location: Langley BC 

Total training hours including synchronous and asynchronous: 68 hours

Contact for more details. 

What Your Peers Are Saying

Continued Success Program

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Continued Success Program

Being a learning organization, we offer ongoing training to our Certified coaches. Going our International Systems Business Coach ® Team

Pending ICF Approval – Earn up to 20 CCE credit per year while honing your skills as a small business coach.

Starting May 2024, participate in bi-weekly one hour workshops. Starting with:

GOALS: We keep them in our head. Small business owners need to write them down and share them.

VALUES: Coaching Practice: Uncovering Core Values for Small Business Success

PROMISE: Eliciting Business Insights: A Virtual Workshop on Evoking Awareness through Company Promise Exploration

VISION: Vision and Creative Tension: Catalyzing Small Business Success

LEAD: Leading Small Business Owners: What to Do, Think About, and Who to Be

ENERGY: Energizing Small Business Owners: Showing Support, Empathy, and Concern

COMMUNICATION : Effective Communication with Frustrated Small Business Owners: Demonstrating Confidence with Strong Emotions

In attending these workshops, coaches will embark on a transformative journey that enriches both their coaching practice and their ability to support small business owners effectively.

Through a series of immersive experiences, coaches will delve into the world of small business coaching, gaining a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities faced by entrepreneurs.

These workshops not only align with essential ICF core competencies, earning valuable continuing education credits, but they also emphasize the development of specialized business competencies tailored to the small business coaching context.

Coaches will strengthen their skills in areas such as effective communication, handling strong client emotions, demonstrating empathy and concern, and guiding clients through critical questions related to their business journey.

The result is a well-rounded and competent coach who can empower small business owners to thrive while advancing their own coaching practice.

$59 per month

Help Small Business Owners Build Their Dream Business, while You Build Yours

A Certified Systems Business Coach ® helps entrepreneurs create an Organized & Profitable ® business – using the best practices of coaching: where neuroscience and human behaviour are applied for optimal engagement and results.
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How to Coach Cheat Sheet

Use this to review or discover coaching techniques for small business owners.