2014 Business Coach of the Year – WE won!

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Together WE won the International Coach Federation Vancouver Chapter 2014 Business Coach of the Year Award! I want to say a huge thank you for allowing me to walk along beside you on your entrepreneurial journey as your business coach.

Andrew Lawrence with Beverlee Rasmussen ICF Coach of the Year awards
Nominated by Andrew Lawrence , Beverlee wins ICF Vancouver 2014 Business Coach of the Year

I say WE because together we have hired “A” player employees and gently yet firmly allowed others to move on, we have in some cases quadrupled your sales while lowering your expenses, we have explored social media and money…and oh have we explored money! Putting money systems in place has been on the top of most of your wish lists and has had the greatest impact on your ability to run your companies profitably. We have learned a lot about who you think are your best customers only to find out they were often costing you money, while your real market awaits your attention. WE have created new schedules and goals, and communication plans along with figuring out what product you are really selling and why people want it.

For me, the greatest award of all has been watching your leadership and confidence grow along with your personal happiness as business owners. Andrew Lawrence of Transparent Solutions generously said in my nomination for Business Coach of the Year…

“I am happy and I am free. I now believe in myself as much as you always have, and for that I am very grateful. “

– Andrew Lawrence

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