Calling all coaches,

Welcome to the world of small business coaching.

Small Business Coach Foundations™ is a live distance learning course that immerses you into the chaotic world of the small business owner so you can help them get organized and become profitable—all while gaining confidence in building your own coach practice business.
Business coaches are in a unique position to help a struggling business owner, in a safe place, to think beyond the day-to-day chaos without judgment, helping them reconnect with their entrepreneurial dream.

Yes, I’m Ready to Get Paid for Making a Difference in the Lives of Small Business Owners!

Class Syllabus

Tools Included

In our “learn by doing” model, participants will use the following;
Proven Tools

Proven Business Coaching Tools & Techniques that Give You Confidence

Steps in the target market process
Having Financial Conversations
Superhero Coach

Take Your Clients to Greater Prosperity and Personal Freedom

Coach Approach
Because you want a unique, proven, strengths-based coach approach to support the exploding small business market.
Coach Insight
Because you want valuable insight into how  a small business really works and what you as the coach can do to help.
Services Guarantee
Because you want to feel good about selling your services to people who need and can afford them.
Positive Change for Clients
Because you want to give clients tangible hope that you can make lasting positive change happen no matter what.

You, 7 Weeks from Now:

Help Your Small Business Owner Clients Build Their Dream Business

It’s about HOPE.

The future of your clients

It’s about HOPE.

Hope that Covid-19 does not destroy their dream.

Hope that they will find a way out of the mess and into a brighter future.

Hope that you’re the one to make it all happen.

Business coaching is the long-term support every small business owner needs to get clear on direction, set higher and more meaningful goals, live their life the way they always imagined, and create prosperity and freedom.

Blue Quotation Marks

Beverlee is a powerful instructor with tremendous insights into coaching small business owners. I greatly appreciated her approach to the coaching process as it was ultimately focused on what would bring the greatest benefit to the client. This was one of the best coaching courses I have ever taken!

Create a profitable business

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Massive action means massive results. Small Business Coach Foundations™ requires dedicated time and your full commitment. If you attend every class and complete all fieldwork but are not convinced this is right for you, we will refund 100% of your tuition.
Calendar Start Date

When Does the Next Group Start?

The next start date for Small Business Coach Foundations™ is September 15, 2020. Check the product page for additional dates. Even if you are just curious, reach out and ask to speak with one of our coaches. We are here to help you build a transformational coaching practice.
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Is this Program Right for Me?

Maybe. The proven small business coaching tools and techniques you’ll learn are designed for experienced coaches who deeply care about small business owners. This course is a pre-requisite to take the Certified Systems Business Coach® full training. It is not our certification program.
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A System That Just Works

Systems Business Coach® has achieved a 98% coaching completion rate with 300+ small business owner clients. Tools and strategies provided to take a coach approach to common business problems. Even the most experienced coaches will learn something new!

One Easy Payment

$795.00 CDN

€495 EUR

$595.00 USD

£465 GBP

100% of your tuition for this course will be applied towards the cost of training to become a Certified Systems Business Coach®

Small Business Coaching Foundations™ is a prerequisite to taking the Certification Program and joining the team as a Certified Systems Business Coach® 

Life happens outside of anyone’s control, so we don’t force our students into long-term contracts. Cancel at any time with a week’s notice, and we’ll refund your tuition. We’ve built this program for you, and we work hard to earn your trust and confidence every step of the way.

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How to Coach Cheat Sheet

Use this to review or discover coaching techniques for small business owners.