I am happy and I am free

After that one meeting, what was once was a giant ball of knotted ugliness now had definition and contrast with a beginning and an end. All the problems and issues were still there, surely, but I could grasp them now, and go on the offensive. I had something to work with. I had goals now and they had a timeline and could be measured!

Empower you to reach your goals

“My business coach is extremely invested in each and every person she meets and has a keen eye for seeing past the present moment to a brighter future and will equip and empower you to reach your goals!” To whom it may concern in regards to hiring a Systems Business Coach as your personal Business Coach-
DO it. Your business (and your life) will never be the same !

Working ON my business

I learned the importance of working ON my business and not just IN it. Work ON your business and create jobs for other people. Don’t be a slave to your business and spend all of your time working IN it. If you are unhappy with your business and want more out of it, as well as more out of your life in general, I strongly recommend that you get in touch with Beverlee @ Systems Business Coach.

How to Coach Cheat Sheet

Use this to review or discover coaching techniques for small business owners.