Equality in Coaching: Dad Thinks Business Coaches Are MEN in Blue Suits

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A few years back I took my 75 year old dad out for dinner. On the drive there he said that he had a question about my work and not to be offended. Well you know when someone prefaces a question in this way you better brace yourself.

He asked me “How do you get your credibility? He went on to state “You are a woman, a small woman,  and not what I would think of as a business coach”   


In his world, a business coach is a MAN, wearing a blue suit and red tie. What about the equality in coaching?

It didn’t matter that I had a graduate certificate in Executive Coaching and Organizational Development, or that I had worked with over 300 small business owners, or that I had won the ICF Vancouver Business Coach of the year.

Strictly because of my gender I was being judged as not being credible.

Equality in Coaching And Other Areas

Are you kidding me! What stereotypes are you still holding when it comes to women in business?

Are you paying the women in your organization the same as you pay the men? 

It isn’t just with business coaches. I don’t know how many times I’ve observed and challenged wage inequality where men have been paid up to 50% more in a small business than the women. 

Then the men would laugh and say truthfully “the women do all the work”. Often in family run organization, the sons are paid way more than the daughters.  

Last year, on International Women’s Day I went through my outsourced contractors. I announced to the team that from now on all the women would be paid the same as the men, even if they didn’t ask for it.

There was zero pushback, even as I rolled back some of the guys rates.

Today, on International Women’s Day, is the right time to challenge your assumptions about women in business!

Besides, it the time to take a stand on truly making women equal partners on your entrepreneurial journey. For the equality in coaching and all other areas!

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